About this Album

This is a solo album by Tyler Shipley of the Consumer Goods released May 2014. The title "Albumtross" refers in part to the final album by the Consumer Goods, an artistic success and commercial flop, from which a variety of debts are still being paid. The songs were recorded mostly in one take, in Gareth Williams' apartment on Langside Ave in Winnipeg. It was a very hot afternoon, so the windows were kept open. There are lots of mistakes, which were left in not necessarily because it 'felt right,' but more likely because there wasn't time to do more takes. Cleo Leslie was there patiently taking photos and videos. Sarah Fonseca came by for awhile to sing on some of Gareth's songs (which are featured elsewhere.) The gear was borrowed from the very generous Ryan McVeigh, who also did all of the mixing and other production work. The album artwork was conceived and created by Nathan Nun.

About the Artist

Tyler Shipley was the principal writer behind Winnipeg-based political-indie-rock band The Consumer Goods. After the bands final album, released in 2011, he focused his attention on the nylon stringed classical guitar, which has become his primary instrument as a songwriter. In addition to writing music, he is a teacher and political activist in Toronto.




The Consumer Goods

The Consumer Goods was a Canadian indie rock/pop band originally from Winnipeg, Manitoba. Their politically charged music earned both praise and contempt, and made them controversial figures in the Canadian indie rock scene in the 2000s.


Their interests include playing music, fighting the power, and consciously not looking in the same direction.

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