Camp Nightmare is Available

Well it took a long time but Camp Nightmare is finally available! The final version is printed on demand by The Game Crafter. I have not seen the finished product yet but Sky, the game creator, says it turned out great. Excited to see the finished product Рmy first huge illustration and design project, from start to finish, as a real printed thing that is out there.

There were of course some things to fix up before the final was sent. The original nighttime cards came out a little too dark in print so I had to remedy that Рthankfully I used some simple layers to make the nighttime effects so it was not too difficult. A few final editing fixes and minor card effect tweaks and finally the box had to be redone because I was sent the wrong template. Stuff happens and you fix it.

I don’t expect a lot of sales. Besides people who try out indie boardgames as a hobby and personal friends there are not that many people who will be interested. This means not a lot of people will play and see the work first hand. Despite this, in my humble opinion, it was a very strong start to producing this kind of thing professionally.

Check it out HERE

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